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Energy Analysis

Whether you are a home owner, home seller, real estate agent, or construction contractor, Absolute Home Services offers many services that can benefit your project. We specialize in thermographic Inspection, which uses precise surface temperature readings to help us find problems that you can’t see. We can pinpoint areas where your home is losing energy and costing you unnecessary dollars and cents each month. Additionally, this technology effectively allows us to non-invasively see moisture within walls, insulation issues, and even structural defects like cracked or damaged foundations.

Sample Reports

Below are just a few pages from an average report. An average report is 30 -40 pages covering all areas of the home from basement & foundation, to walls, windows and roof. This type of analysis has saved some of our customers from purchasing homes with cracked foundations, bad roofs, water leaks and poor insulation. Even if it's hidden from view, it won't escape the attention of aThermographic Inspection!

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