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It is extremely important for new home buyers to test their homes for radon, as the colorless, odor-less gas is not just a problem in older homes, but also in new-build homes. Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally in soil and rock, and it is believed to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Radon can accumulate to unhealthy levels in homes, and the EPA estimates that it results in approximately 21,000 lung cancer deaths in the United States each year. Studies project that more than 600 of those lung cancer cases occur in Michigan alone.

Radon often leaks into homes at various points where the structure is not sealed to the elements. The basement of the home is typically the most active area with gas entering though foundation cracks, windows, loose pipe fittings, and well and septic pipes. Radon levels vary from season to season, from dry to wet conditions, and even during different times of the day. A traditional test measures the gasses basic presence through a 48 hour exposure canister. From such a test the homeowner gleans very little information other than an indication of Radon's presence.

Absolute Home Inspections employs sohisticated sensor equipment which uses a much longer test-ing window coupled with hourly, location specific tests. With sophisticated computer analysis, we can pinpint radon entry points, and possible gas level variance over times of day or by season, as well as the effects of environmental condition changes such as rain or dry weather. Using our experience and technical expertice, a homeowner is in a much better position to take care of a potential Radon gas problem.

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